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of forest and fae

Rue Water


Rue, also known as Witchbane and Mother of Herbs, can be used for protection, hex breaking, and removing negative attachments. It wards against negative energies and chaos. It also helps attract luck and abundance. This ritual water has been infused with...

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new moon minerals

Wood Lotus Tray


  We are thrilled about these beautiful wood lotus trays! Ashley is always looking for new bowls and trays for crystals and we finally found some we can offer to you all!These trays are a great catch all for your crystals, jewelry, oils and more...

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gift republic

Name a Star Kit


This touching gift gives you the opportunity to name a real star in our night sky. This tin pack comes brimming with facts about stars and astronomy, as well as fun infographics to make the gift perfect for the whole family. Additionally, after a simple...

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